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Shades of Spring

Happiness by Seon Kang Wolter ( little boy, not my own I must add, made a comment when asked about his day that he had been to another ‘elephant house’ for a playdate. Confused? We were until we realized he meant he had been to another grey painted house!

Although they can be beautifully decorated and seamlessly elegant, we are clearly, for whatever reason, rooted in shades of grey!

A clear and simple palette is a safe and sustainable solution, particularly if you are refurbishing on a large scale, however, experiment with colour and complement such a scheme with an accent wall, a stunning piece of colourful artwork, or island in a bolder and more expressive tone.

Wallpaper also adds dimension and interest to an otherwise plain interior palette. Highlight your braver decisions and add directional lighting to enhance the colours and add impish and colourful trims to lampshades.

Remember, a home should reflect an atmosphere that is comfortable for you and your family not for it to become a showcase for the latest trends. Furniture and artwork should have a story and a provenance and an eclectic mix of styles: traditional, antique, contemporary and modern used sensitively work in harmony together to create an interesting and timeless interior.

Artwork by Seon Kang Wolter

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