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The Evolution Auction






Having been inspired by a visit to the Evolution auction this month, I have been wondering how those of us not able to divest ourselves of half a million pounds on a life sized diplodocus can introduce such awe inspiring structure and history into our interiors.

With a careful eye and a bit of legwork stunning architectural artifacts can be unearthed in all sorts of places to provide strong structural focus and imagery.  I particularly liked the huge slabs of fossilized fish and the scale and rich colours of the ammonites.

Cast iron plantersRich patinas and aged metals also add texture and intrigue, copper and zinc age beautifully and the odd accent of brass is tentatively enriching!  Vintage planters look fabulous with small standard trees and can add interest and depth to a featureless doorway.

Make sure you layer your lighting scheme accordingly to maximize the structural form of any centerpiece.

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