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Chelsea Flower Show

I always find inspiration from our natural world, and my visit to Chelsea Flower Show was no exception.

Beautiful colours, often clashing, merge vibrantly en masse as muted pastels and gentle hues tone together equally harmoniously.

Structure is always apparent, whether in formal spheres, such as the box or firework shaped constellations on slender stems…

Take confidence in these lessons from nature, albeit with an occasional helping hand in the final performance!

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Shades of Spring

Happiness by Seon Kang Wolter ( little boy, not my own I must add, made a comment when asked about his day that he had been to another ‘elephant house’ for a playdate. Confused? We were until we realized he meant he had been to another grey painted house!

Although they can be beautifully decorated and seamlessly elegant, we are clearly, for whatever reason, rooted in shades of grey!

A clear and simple palette is a safe and sustainable solution, particularly if you are refurbishing on a large scale, however, experiment with colour and complement such a scheme with an accent wall, a stunning piece of colourful artwork, or island in a bolder and more expressive tone.

Wallpaper also adds dimension and interest to an otherwise plain interior palette. Highlight your braver decisions and add directional lighting to enhance the colours and add impish and colourful trims to lampshades.

Remember, a home should reflect an atmosphere that is comfortable for you and your family not for it to become a showcase for the latest trends. Furniture and artwork should have a story and a provenance and an eclectic mix of styles: traditional, antique, contemporary and modern used sensitively work in harmony together to create an interesting and timeless interior.

Artwork by Seon Kang Wolter

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The Evolution Auction






Having been inspired by a visit to the Evolution auction this month, I have been wondering how those of us not able to divest ourselves of half a million pounds on a life sized diplodocus can introduce such awe inspiring structure and history into our interiors.

With a careful eye and a bit of legwork stunning architectural artifacts can be unearthed in all sorts of places to provide strong structural focus and imagery.  I particularly liked the huge slabs of fossilized fish and the scale and rich colours of the ammonites.

Cast iron plantersRich patinas and aged metals also add texture and intrigue, copper and zinc age beautifully and the odd accent of brass is tentatively enriching!  Vintage planters look fabulous with small standard trees and can add interest and depth to a featureless doorway.

Make sure you layer your lighting scheme accordingly to maximize the structural form of any centerpiece.

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Bright and Beautiful

door handlesWallArtthrows





Creating a new look on an old piece of favourite furniture can be as simple as replacing old handles with fabulous new ones. These bone door and furniture handles are superb. They maintain a classic look whilst feeling great and blending well with contemporary pieces.

Redress the calm neutrality of a monochrome interior with bold flashes of colour in a medium that pleases you.  Look at these tactile merino throws and the abstract, marbled wall art ….




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Transforming a tired room

With the children back at school now is a good time to refresh their tired or outgrown rooms. Have a look at, where you can inexpensively transform a room into something unique very easily.

I particularly like using these rollers on the floor and on the top of a chest of drawers as a vanity top, covered by safety glass or similar. They also look beautiful in the smallest room in the house!


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Its all in the detail

Its all in the detail!There is a place for simple interior schemes but too often they are devoid of colour and interest and frankly they date far more than a scheme combining inspiration from a wealth of different eras and sources.

My suggestion would be to be brave with trims, they can transform a pillow, window treatment or upholstery and are all too often overlooked. Have a look at Samuel and Sons, they have some stunning classically inspired, geometric patterned wide tape trims which have both strong design elements and add texture and relief. Lee Jofa also have a beautiful, vintage inspired, muted range for those of you feeling a little less brave! Remember, its all in the detail!

tips_thorp_cushionsCombine different fabric finishes, a good scheme should make you want to explore it… Pile a cool linen sofa with warm tactile velvet cushions. I love Bernard Thorp’s range of printed velvet cushions… 
Visit the website at

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