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Bright and Beautiful

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Creating a new look on an old piece of favourite furniture can be as simple as replacing old handles with fabulous new ones. These bone door and furniture handles are superb. They maintain a classic look whilst feeling great and blending well with contemporary pieces.

Redress the calm neutrality of a monochrome interior with bold flashes of colour in a medium that pleases you.  Look at these tactile merino throws and the abstract, marbled wall art ….




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downloadA tasty and simple dish to cook for a mid week kitchen supper. This recipe serves four ….

4 courgettes or 6 if they are small. I like the small very green ones the best
1 small red hot chili
3 cloves garlic
4 tblsps olive oil
Spaghetti No. 5
4 pieces fresh salmon skin off
1 lemon to squeeze over on presentation
fresh parmesan optional

Set a large pot of water on to boil for the spaghetti with a pinch of salt.

Put plates in low oven to warm.
Finely chop the chili and garlic and sauté gently with a pinch of salt and pepper and the olive oil. Set pan off the heat and grate courgettes with a coarse cheese grater.
Have spaghetti cooking before you cook the fish.

Add courgettes to oil, garlic and chili and sweat down until they are slightly cooked but still a lovely green colour. Again set aside.
Heat another pan and add a very small quantity of olive oil so the fish will not stick. If you have a griddle pan use this as the fish cooks very well on it and it looks lovely on presentation. Cook the fish for a four minutes and only turn when a crust has formed. The fish will only need 6 or 7 minutes cooking. This should leave it slightly pink in the middle.

Once the spaghetti is cooked, drain it leaving a very small quantity of water with it and add this to the courgettes. Toss well. The courgettes do not mix all that well but the moisture and oil in the mix coats the spaghetti nicely.

Arrange the pasta on plates, then the courgette mix and finally the salmon on top of this. Squeeze some lemon on each piece of salmon and serve immediately.

Some people like to add freshly grated parmesan to the dish but I prefer not to.

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